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Sooner Strategies offers a full-service and comprehensive program that includes traditional and social media trainging and media marketing, campaign messaging and message development, advertising, email, strategy, targeting, cutting-edge and advanced data and analytics applied to up-to-date versions of voter lists, compliance and filing services may be offered as an add-on with this package, coordinate ad spots for TV and internet, debate preparation, graphic design, mail, and public policy reference materials for an easy-to-use and informative way to always appear knowledgable in the public's eye. The key expertise services include: 

Data and Targeting

We offer to collect high-quality data as well as feedback from voters. This data feeds into algorithims that form a system of ranking for each populated individual voter and sets of voters. Our system appies the information with the most recent list of registered voters to make sure our team has the biggest advantage in knowing, reaching and winning over voters.

RoboCalls and P2P Texting

We offer the best and most simple way to broadcast RoboCalls and SMS/Text messages to interactwith voters in a peer to peer manner, without any annoying third party.  

Voter Lists with Cell Phone Numbers and Emails

We own voter lists in mutiple states and have, at significant cost, invested in purchasing up-to-date and verifiable cell phone numbers and email addresses for registered voters in the states we operate, most significant in Oklahoma. We can tailor them according to the location, gender, race, age, marital status, ethnic group, and voter history to help you reach any and all targets regardless of any previously obstructing barriers. 

Political Website Design

Often its your website that ends up being one of will the first things people see that represents you and your campaign. As a first and lasting impression its very important and accordingly we are among the best in the business in this area. A good website more than pays for itself in the funds it collects via donations. Don't forget to ask about this service and our premium and VIP options. 

Live Calls and Virtual/Physical Office Services

We employ a number of virtual assistants and professionals in addition to a working call center - whether you need to reach a number of voters, desire a answerable line that connects to a human 24/7 or need affordable support staff - we've got you covered.  

Graphic Design and Printing:

Mail and Signs

Our graphic design program requires a large portion of our operating budget but is one of the services we remain most proud to provide and most consistently honored by virtue of its impact alone. We design the best content and most impactful mailers. Whether you need targeted lists, palm cards, door handles, business cards, rack cards or any other printed material for your campaign, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered from start to finish. 


Tele-Town Halls are the service that we think every campaign must go for. We host the services in-house and offer sharing and platform streaming. Digital and Website DesignWe will make it easier for you to reach your audience with different types of ads and specifically tailored websites that will make voters socially engaged with you. 

Consulting, Campaign Management and Strategy

We offer comprehensive and varying degrees of full campaign operation services - the highest of quality and when measured against other firms with similar service quality and impact we are by far the most affordable option available in politics today. **Note: Service options begin at $1,500 and increase with additional services if they remain avaiable at the time of attempted purchase.

Consulting Service Package

This is the most valuable and significant service we offer as three top associates have 15 years or more experience - each one. To be a client of Sooner Strategies means having a networks of professionals, both inside and outside of our organization, constantly looking out for your interest. We take pride in anticipating client needs often times before the client realizes exactly what the essential service or resource may be. We begin every relationship with a complete analysis of areas

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