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Programs and Options

Sooner Strategies’ Project Management service is the backbone of a successful political campaign, ensuring that every detail is managed with precision and every strategy is implemented seamlessly. Our methodical approach begins with a thorough assessment of your campaign's goals, followed by the development of a robust plan that outlines key milestones, resources, and timelines. Our project managers are adept at coordinating cross-functional teams, facilitating communication, and driving projects forward to meet critical deadlines. We anticipate challenges and adapt dynamically, maintaining a steady course towards your objectives. With Sooner Strategies, your campaign is not just a series of tasks but a well-orchestrated endeavor aimed at delivering victory.

Cultural Resource Surveys, Environmental Reviews, and Historical Archaeology

With a deep commitment to preserving cultural heritage and promoting environmental sustainability, our team conducts thorough Cultural Resource Surveys, identifying and analyzing significant historical and archaeological sites to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and cultural sensitivities. Our Environmental Reviews are meticulously crafted to assess the impact of projects on the natural environment, integrating ecological considerations into decision-making processes. In the realm of Historical Archaeology, we specialize in unearthing and preserving artifacts and sites of historical significance, offering insights into past societies and cultures. At Sooner Strategies, we blend these specialized services with our broader expertise in political and media strategies to offer a unique, multidisciplinary approach to managing and consulting on projects that intersect with cultural, environmental, and historical spheres.

Legal Document Preparation, Estate Planning, and Notary Public Services

At Sooner Strategies, our Legal Document Preparation services provide meticulous and tailored support, ensuring that your legal documents are expertly crafted to meet specific requirements and standards. Our Estate Planning expertise guides clients through the complex process of securing their legacy, offering personalized solutions for wills, trusts, and estate management to safeguard your future and that of your loved ones. Additionally, our Notary Public Services offer reliable and efficient authentication of documents, adding an essential layer of trust and legal validity to your important transactions and agreements.

Additional Services

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