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The Obama economy, a minimum wage economy

MARTIN WILLIAMS – February 25, 2014

WASHINGTON DC – Yesterday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal stood outside the White House and gave what most in the media call a ‘partisan and precedence breaking’ statement. 

When asked specifically about the minimum wage, Jindal responded, “He (Obama) mentioned the minimum wage, several times in fact,” Jindal continued, “we can do better than a minimum-wage-economy,” further stating that Obama was, “waving the white-flag-of-surrender.”

Although instantly decried by the Conn. Gov. Dannel Malloy and then played in loops, out of context, by the mainstream media, Jindal touched on a very important point.  What exactly will raising the minimum wage accomplish?

Yes, we understand that so many folks in this Obama-economy are struggling and unlike many of my colleagues (those like Scott Walker allies that equate allowing the poor to receive welfare with feeding stray dogs) I actually sympathize with their plight.  Although they certainly have my sympathy, increasing the minimum wage does nothing to create new wealth, yet is a mere tactic used by the left – smoke and mirrors to connect to the increasing number of 2014 low and middle income voters.

As reality would have it, the Congressional Budget Office, the left-leaning yet non-partisan labeled organization that evaluates financial impact of various programs and legislation, has said that the proposed increase would eliminate over 500,000 jobs.  I’m no economist but I can’t help but think that a program that creates no additional wealth and eliminates a substantial number of jobs isn’t the right direction for our country.

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