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Rural PAC polling results suggest Pryor is more preferable without the ‘D’; favor Bill o

A political action committee registered to an Oklahoma address released the results of a 5-day survey conducted from February 17-22.  The survey placed live person-to-person telephone calls in which 399 Arkansans were interviewed, all of which were likely voters with an equal amount from both the Democratic and Republican parties.  A spokesman for the organization has stated that the results will be made available to interested press organizations later this week.  Reality’s Liberal Bias was given permission to release the topline results.  The results give Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor an edge over his Republican opponent Rep. Tom Cotton; also showing clear evidence that many prefer Pryor without the Democrat ‘D’ following his name.  The survey results also show a higher favorability for Bill Clinton versus his spouse, rumored presidential contender Hillary Clinton.  See the topline results below.  For additional results please contact me directly.  (Neither myself, nor this website, are affiliated with a political action committee(s); however, the survey was paid for by a federally-recognized PAC and is subject to FEC regulation.)

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