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Government Held Hostage

“Reality,” Stephen Colbert once observed, “has a well-known liberal bias.”  Although most people know and understand that Colbert was joking, a recent article got me thinking about what to do when the actual reality of a news story is not balanced between two sides.  What should one do when the facts of a situation are such that to describe them accurately will actually make you sound biased?

The financial crisis that has engulfed the country as a result of the government shutdown is one such example.  This is a situation in which one party, or actually, scratch that – one wing of the Republican Party, seeking the elimination or delay of Obamacare, precipitated a government shutdown and threatened a default on U.S. Debt.  That statement is a fact that no one can argue with.  There was no corresponding threat or demand on the Democratic or White House side; having legally passed the Affordable Care Act into law three years ago, they are not in the position of saying, “Pass Obamacare or we will shut the government down.”

I know this article will likely get people’s blood boiling because many simply wish to avoid truth in some blind attempt of an uneducated electorate to place blame squarely on Barack Obama.  Doing so isn’t living in reality and is a mindset that will hurt our country.  Reality is Obamacare was passed, signed into law and upheld by a conservative US Supreme Court.  Reality is that the Republicans in the United States House of Representatives, Mark Mullin included (OK-2), are not doing what you sent them to Washington to do.  (Unless of course you hate America enough to actually have voted to send folks to shut down the government.)  Reality is that the political discourse now leans so far right that it seems normal for the Republicans to hold the country hostage doing irreparable damage, demanding a law that was passed, signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court, be repealed or delayed.  I dare you to look for precedence because there isn’t one.

The situation I am describing above does not adhere to an ideology.  I am not trying to convince anyone that Obamacare is either good or bad.  I’m not even arguing that the Republicans either do or don’t have good reasons to oppose Obamacare.  What I’m simply saying is that we as a country have turned a blind eye to radicals taking our country hostage.  The unwillingness to compromise or negotiate with the other side is so far out of tune from where the founders hoped this republic would take us that it actually makes me nauseous to think about.  We are in such a unique situation, having allowed this to go unchecked for so long, that even just stating clear facts, as I have in this article, actually sounds like a liberal bias.  The only hope we have left is that you, the voter, stand up for our country and punish the folks that are doing this.  Use your vote to get the folks responsible for this, not because you do or don’t support the President, Democrats or Obamacare, I don’t care about where you sit on these things right now – do it because you once believed in something called patriotism – that notion that lives up to the spirit of Kennedy asking, ‘what you can do for your country.’  I often wonder if anyone asks themselves these things anymore or if all is simply lost.  I can only hope that time will tell.

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