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Funny glance back at 2008

In honor of the recent SOTU, I give you a look back at when it all began, when Obama was, ‘the biggest celebrity in the world.’ When the idea of traveling to Berlin meant millions in the streets, not gossip over whether Merkel will ask if he’s still listening to her phone calls.  Back when Obama was so popular that his success was frustrating enough to make political juggernaut Hillary Clinton cry in N.H.

September 2, 2008.  It’s 7:22 am and this was the face of volunteers in rural, conservative Kalispell, Montana.  Pauline Sjordal was certainly a memorable residence of the area.


Back when people came into the office in droves looking for anything Obama they could purchase.  Notice the family below who likely promised the children to take them to the Obama office and buy them some shirts, yard signs and other Obama gear.  Notice the lady to the left.  The family is leaving the office with what appears to be one single sticker.  The sadness is evident in all present especially the grandmother and the young girl.  The mother attempts to fake a smile as the family comes to terms with their new reality: they now know they were lucky to get the sticker and that if they ever want to move up to a “bumper sticker” that will mean they complete two canvass shifts.


The Obama pullup was actually a thing back in 08.  In this photo Obama does several pullups before walking out to give his speech in Missoula, Montana.  Wonder if he can still do this?


After being hassled and begged for Obama shirts all year long, on the day before the election we receive our shipment of shirts.  Seven 3XL Obama shirts.  People were excited to get them still.  We saved this one and at midnight on Election Day fellow organizer Ryan Stern and myself, delusional from exhaustion, agreed to a request to wear the remaining Obama shirt for a photo-op.


People were so excited about Obama that even this group existed.  Below is a photo I took at the Kalispell, Montana field office during a ‘Republicans for Obama’ gathering.  Pictured is Ret. US Army General Don Loranger.


And debate and convention ‘watch-parties’ that were held were actually attended by people, even in conservative areas like Flathead County, Montana.  The ‘movement’ was in the air and after 8 years of George W Bush the people stood up and accepted the idea that we could all unite as one people and change the world.

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