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Sooner Strategies is a dynamic political consulting and government affairs firm specializing in innovative solutions for success, growth, and transformation. Our team of experts combines cutting-edge strategies with personalized service to empower your organization to reach its full potential.

About Sooner Strategies

Northern Lights

Who We Are & What We Offer

Sooner Strategies is a multifaceted and diverse company specializing in political campaign consulting, public relations, economic development, investigative research, environmental and cultural resource surveys, and government affairs services. Our wide range of offerings supports nonprofit operations for direct rural assistance, but we consider ourselves much more than just a company. We receive daily solicitations for proposals or service requests; however, we exclusively provide services to elite clients whom the majority of our organization can endorse, support, and help prosper. Becoming a client of Sooner State Strategies means having a network of professionals both inside and outside our organization, constantly safeguarding your government or small business interests.

We take pride in anticipating client needs, often before the clients themselves realize what essential services or resources they may require. Every relationship begins with a comprehensive analysis of areas where we can best serve you. We outline and present detailed findings, then begin securing the resources necessary to finance or produce the outcomes our clients seek.

Sooner Strategies caters to individuals, municipal governments, state governments, political candidates, elected officials, small businesses, corporations, and people who require investigative or opposition research, among other services available upon request. Our associates are registered and bonded Political Consultants, Investigators, Notary Publics and Credentialed Victim Advocates. Our primary focus lies in assisting those who share our values. Our  pro bono work regularly assists families, organizations and agencies in rural or impoverished areas who may lack the resources they need otherwise. We offer any of our services with guaranteed discretion including coaching politicians and leaders on various items, including public speaking, poise, and etiquette, while developing focus-group tested messaging and presentations to put our clients in the best possible position for success.

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